Repeated Targeting of Patanjali is a War Against Ayurveda

M. Nageshwar Rao, Ritu Rathaur and Rachit Kaushik Live with Madhu Kishwar

Ever since Baba Ramdev set up Patanjali to revive Ayurveda and Yoga as far more effective and potent systems of health care– of both body and mind– the global pharma mafia has been gunning for Yogi Ramdev by filing malicious false cases against Patanjali as well as Baba Ramdev since he has proved to be the most powerful ambassador for the revival of these two Bhartiya Gyan Paramparas.

It cannot be denied that today, Patanjali has emerged as a powerful competitor to pharma companies as well as global corporations manufacturing daily items of personal use such as soaps, toothpastes, shampoos etc.

The first attack was launched through Brinda Karat of CPM. Baba Ramdev managed to come out of that early phase of witch hunting unscathed, though at great cost. In recent years, an NGO of dubious credentials named Indian Medical Association whose former president, Dr John Rose Austin Jayalal–a self professed evangelist who boasted that he uses his position to carry out conversion activities, has been instrumental in filing innumerable criminal cases against Patanjali in various courts of the country.

The ground is the same in all cases–that Ayurveda cannot back its claims through “scientific evidence” and therefore, its prescriptions should be banned. He has succeeded in convincing several judges that Baba deserves to be given severe punishments and Patanjali factories deserve to be shut down because Ramdev challanges the claims of the allopathic system of medicine and pharma companies.

The witch hunt of Baba Ramdev amounts to declaring an open war against Ayurveda–one of the few Knowledge Traditions of Hindu Civilization that has survived against heavy odds.

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