MANUSHI welcomes volunteers of all age groups provided they remain serious about the time & work commitment they make. 

Interested applicants may send their resumes at [email protected].

Voluntary work by definition is unpaid. However, we do cover costs, if any incurred for completing assignments.

Unlike regular job holders, volunteers are allowed to have flexible schedules.

  • Editing, proofreading; 
  • Video recording and/or video editing;
  • Content writing;
  • Research and investigations on suggested topics;
  • Field work within and outside Delhi for special assignments;
  • Archival research;
  • Legal aid work;
  • Website management;
  • Designing, illustrations, graphics, photography;
  • Transcribing interviews;
  • Translation from Hindi to English and vice versa;
  • Assist in organising workshops, conferences as and when scheduled;
  • Social Media marketing;
  • Advocacy campaigns;
  • Fund raising.

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