Islamization of Delhi’s Heritage (Episode 2): Exclusive Kabarnuma Chitasthals of Nehru Dynasts at Rajghat

Episode 2 of the series entitled, ” Islamization of Hindu Heritage – अथवा हिंदू नेताओं के कबरनुमा स्मृतिस्थल “

महाभारत काल का राजघाट नेहरू वंशजों की बपौती कैसे बना!

In this episode, I describe the devious process through which, 245 acres of prime-most land in the heart of India’s capital city, was turned into an exclusive memorial ground built around chita-sthals (cremation sites) of Nehru dynasts.

What is worse, they have been promoted as “samadhis”–in gross violation of Hindu beliefs and traditions. Today, the entire Rajghat complex resembles a royal kabristan.

Furthermore, these chita sthals have been promoted as tourist spots as well as sites for paying homage to Nehru’s progeny.

We would have ignored this as part of Nehru clan’s narcissistic desire for immortality, since they have already gotten hundreds of elite institutions named after Nehru-Indira offsprings, BUT for the fact that the royal chita sthal memorials have been deliberately planted at Rajghat, which was an integral part of the sacred city named Indraprastha, built under the personal supervision of Shri Krishna for the Pandava brothers of Mahabharat vintage.

Maharaj Yuddhishthar is believed to have performed the historic Rajsuyi Yagya at Rajghat.

This area deserves to be part of ongoing archeological excavations at Purana Quila in order for us to get extensive information about that unique epoch in the history of Bharatvarsh.

Was Rajghat chosen as Gandhi ji’s cremation and memorial site, followed by chita sthals and memorials of Jawaharlal Nehru, Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi –as part of a well planned scheme to prevent proper archeological study of Mahabharat era?

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