Zealous Reformers, Deadly Laws


Battling Stereotypes
Edited By: Madhu Kishwar
ISBN: 978-0-7619-3637-4

“This book is neither pessimistic nor nihilistic in its approach to social reform. Instead, it provides some practical solutions in the form of alternative strategies that have produced better results in combating anti-women practices. The solutions proposed are based on the varied experiences of the author as well as that of other significant reform efforts.
The tone of the collection is partly that of a political autobiography. While the articles offer a sharp critique of some of the strategies adopted by leading sections of the women’s movements in India, Kishwar is forthright in admitting to the mistakes she has herself committed and how she has had to rethink and rework her own strategies over the years. Lucidly written, the book avoids high-flown rhetoric, reflecting a willingness to learn from people’s experiences rather than impose ideologically determined formulae on their lives.
Zealous Reformers does a laudable service in stringing them together in one book.”

The Tribune

“Kishwar’s writing is delightfully scathing and may seem polemical to some, but the ideas that she puts forth need such strong writing to make them widely acceptable.”



420 pages

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