Holding a Mirror to Western Medicine & Ayurveda

Nagaraj Paturi and Sankrant Sanu Live with Madhu Kishwar

Even though systematic attacks on Ayurveda, using Baba Ramdev and Patanjali as soft targets, constitute a grave threat to the Gyan Paramparas of Hindu Civilization, we as a society have failed to build a cohesive and united resistance against this sinsister agenda.

In this episode, Nagaraj Paturi will talk about Ayurveda research, curable/ Incurable diseases, claims of Ayurveda, challenges in mainstreaming Ayurveda as part of the vast body of Indian Knowledge Traditions. Sankrant Sanu will talk about What criteria do we use for deciding what is “scientific”, the challenge of double-blind studies, the unholy nexus between pharma corporations and research journals, the profit motives in western medicine, well proven deaths and adverse reactions due to Western medicine.

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