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Name Its Meaning

The word ‘Manushi’ has many layers of meaning. It was coined for use as the name of this Journal by Madhu Kishwar from the Sanskrit word ‘manush’ or ‘manushya’, which means ‘human being’ as distinct from ‘purush’, which means ‘man’.

The word ‘manushya’ is common to most Indian languages. The human race is referred to as ‘manushya jati’. ‘Manushyata’, another derivative, means humanity. The word Manushi at its simplest was coined to mean the humane as well as the feminine principle in humanity. The emphasis is on humanity, not manhood, because we feel “manhood” has too often been expressed through violence, warfare aggression and domination.

Manushi is also close to the word manasi, which means ‘of the mind or intellect.’ In Bengali, when spelt as ‘Manoshi’, it means ‘dear to heart’.

Manushi Trust

Manushi Trust was instituted in 1979 to provide the legal and organizational base for publishing Manushi—A Journal about Women & Society which was founded in 1978.

MANUSHI’s stated aim was to contribute towards finding effective solutions for the economic, political and social problems confronting India today through patient study, a non-partisan approach, live interaction with the people concerned, and culturally sensitive, informed activism. MANUSHI seeks out practical and creative ideas to meet the challenges of our times and avoids falling in the trap of deadening ideologies.

MANUSHI is neither Left Wing, Nor Right Wing but Truth Winger

Manushi Upholds 

  • Gender Justice, Not Gender War;
  • Social Justice, Not Class/Caste Wars;
  • Social Harmony, Not Social Fragmentation;
  • Religious Freedom, Not Religious Tyranny;
  • Equity, Not Special Rights;
  • Legitimate Concerns of aAll, Illegitimate Demands of None;
  • Cultural Freedom, Not Cultural Slavery to Alien Norms;
  • Community Bonding, Not Community Tyranny;
  • Citizenship Rights, Not Communal Tyranny in the Name of Minority Rights;
  • Minority Well-Being, Not Minority Tyranny;
  • The Right to Historical Truth, Not Fake Narratives to Protect Enemies of Bharat;
  • The right to reclaim the vandalized heritage of Bharatvarsh & assert its civilizational integrity in all domains: social, political, educational, cultural and dharmic.

Manushi Trust also publishes books, makes documentary films and undertook a whole range of activities, including legal aid and PIL work, through the modest resources generated by the sales and subscriptions of our publications.

Brief Glimpse of Manushi's Engagements in the Last Four Decades

Manushi Sangathan

Manushi Sangathan was registered as a non-profit society in 1993 to create a separate organizational and financial base for the activist interventions of Manushi, including legal aid work and PIL. It motivates and organizes citizen’s groups to work for social, political and governance reforms in order to promote greater social justice, make the institutions of governance accountable to citizens and move in the direction of Swaraj.

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