Issue 41

Letters To Manushi

Reservations For Boys: Discrimination Against Girls In The Primary School Scholarship System, Orissa.
The New Education Policy pays lipservice to the importance of advancing girls’ education in reality, discrimination is built into the education system Subrata Mishra critiques the system of scholarship reservations for boys in Orissa

Report From Punjab
—Ved Parkash Gupta

Fijian Indians: The Women’s Predicament
Shireen Lateef’s follow up article on Indo-Fijians examines how the urge to migrate, exacerbated by the recent coup, affects women, resulting in a rush for marriages to European men, arranged through buraux.

Report: Preparing Women For Political Power.
Gail Omved reports on an important development in rural Mahashtra. The Shetkari Sangathan women’s wing held a camp at Ambethan, where a new nonparty rural women’s front has been formed to put up women candidates in local elections to be held in November 1987.

Poems: Mother And Agnipariksha
— M Geetha

Women Researchers In The Sciences
Why do so few women manage to reach higher positions in the sciences? Prabha Rani and Shashi Saxena talk to women researchers at Delhi University.

“If Nobody Fights, We Will.:
“Jaya Jaitley on women’s in the UP hill people’s movement for access to the forests.

Need To Re-establish Links: Some Discussions With Sikh Communities In North America.
Madhu Kishwar examines the predicament and mood of overseas Sikhs today, and suggests strategy for moving towards a peaceful resolution of the current crisis.

“All That Glitters Not Gold.”
Usha Rani Varun and Amar Singh Suman on the women bangle makers of Ferozabad.

A Wife’s Right To Maintenance:

Yashoda’s Fight For Her Cattle
— R Akhileshwari

Hero, Villian, Clown
A Sharply honed short story by well known Hindi writer Mannu Bhandari

Films: Kalyug Aur?
— Ruth Vanita

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