Issue 42-43

INTERVIEW: Traditions Versus Misconceptions
—Romila Thapar talks to Madhu and Ruth

The Burning of Roop Kanwar
—Madhu Kishwar, Ruth Vanita

The Many Faces of Sati in The Early Nineteenth Century
—Extracts from a paper by Anand Yang

The Culture of Sati in Rajasthan
—Prahlad Singh Shekhawat

POEMS: Woman
Shashi Girdner

POEMS: Recognition
—Indu Sena

Seven Decades Ago
—Sandip Bandhopadhyay

The Power to Take Rights
Report from A.P. by V. Kasiratnam

Letters to Manushi

The Ladies’ Panel
 Report from Maharashtra by Chetna

Who’s Afraid of the Supreme Court?
—Follow upon the Mary Roy case

Relatively Autonomous: Jalari Fisherwomen of Andhra Pradesh
—U. Vindhya Sudhakar and V.Kalpna Rao

POEMS: The Veil
—Chandra Mallika

POEMS: Gargi

POEMS: Perhaps
—Ravindra R.P.

SHORT STORY: A Mother of Sons
—Munshi Premchand

FILMS: The Labouring Woman In Hindi Films
—Madhu Kishwar, Ruth Vanita

Imperilled Press Freedom: The Indian Express Case

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