Islamization of Delhi’s Heritage (Episode 1): Why a Grave Like Memorial for Gandhi?

This is first in the series of documentary films on the “Islamization of India’s Heritage—A Case Study of Delhi”. Initially, it was planned as ONE documentary of 75 minutes. But as I began the research, the information that kept pouring out of hidden closets, made it impossible to cover all that needed to be said, in one film. Therefore, it has been split into a series of films. We hope you will help in the outreach of these films and support us in completing the series.

The first episode entitled, “Gandhi ka Kabarnuma Smritisthal” questions Nehruvian politics behind constructing a cenotaph ( empty grave) like structure at the site of MK Gandhi’s cremation on 31st January 1948 and calling it a Samadhi where prayer meetings are organized on Gandhi’s birthday as well as on the day of his assasination.

The cenotaph has also been marketed as a major tourist spot.

The film explains why this violates the basic tenets of Sanatan Dharma. It also questions the politics behind the choice of Rajghat as the site of M K Gandhi’s cremation.

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