The Challenge of Sharia in the West || Former US Diplomat Leslie Lebl

Leslie S. Lebl Live with Madhu Kishwar

Leslie S. Lebl (LEB-el), a writer, lecturer and consultant on political and security matters, is a former Foreign Service Officer with particular expertise in European political and defense issues, radical Islam in Europe, and Balkan peacekeeping.

She speaks French, German, Russian, Polish and Spanish.Leslie Lebl (LEB-el) is a former U.S. diplomat who served at a number of European posts, as well as at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in New York. She recently published a book, Hidden Struggle: The Challenge of Sharia in the West, about the conflict between sharia and Western law. She is a member of the CLARITY (Champions for Liberty Against the Reality of Islamist Tyranny) Coalition, and is a signatory of the Complaint to the UN Human Rights Council regarding the violations of women’s rights under sharia.

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