Islamization of Delhi’s Heritage (Episode 3): Farcical Memorials for Hindu PMs Resemble Graves

Episode 3 of the series entitled, ” Islamization of Hindu Heritage – Case Study of Delhi” is titled, Hindu Netaon ke thok mein banaye gaye kabarnuma smriti-sthal”.

In this episode, I provide disturbing evidence of the tactics employed, first by Indira Gandhi and later by Sonia Gandhi, to acquire unquestioned monopoly over Rajghat as their family’s exclusive cremation ground, designed to resemble a royal kabristan.

In order to maintain this exclusivity, they acted outrageously in denying Lal Bahadur Shastri and Narasimha Rao a dignified cremation at Rajghat. After Shastri ji’s demise, additional second and third grade complexes were created for cremating all those who became prime ministers against the wishes of the Nehru-Indira clan.

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