Issue 84

Letters to Manushi

Poem : An Ode and a Palinode
P. Raja

Co-ownership Rights for Wives
” A Solution Worse than the Problem
Madhu Kishwar

Poem : Tears in God’s Eyes
Santosh Khanna

Poem : Tomorrow, the Goddess
K. G. Kumar

Nur Jahan
” A Woman’s Power in a Mughal Court
Ellison Banks Findly

From Mothers to Daughters
” Matrilineal Families in Kerala
Leela Damodar Menon

Sons vs. Daughters
” Property Laws Against Women
Deepa Agarwal

Short Story: The Loving Son
T. Janakiraman

The Women Betrayed
J. P. Das

Film Reviews: Bandit Queen
Madhu Kishwar

Book Review: May You Be the Mother of a Hundred Sons
Veena T. Oldenburg

Discussion : Love and Marriage

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