Issue 100

Reader’s Forum

Lifting the Veil
Reform vs. Tradition in Turkey
An Interview with Nilofer Gole

‘Naukri’ as Property
Causes and Cures for Corruption in Government
Madhu Kishwar

Film and Poem : Film: Rugmini  Poem: Instruments
Film Director: K.P. Kumaran
Review: Sevanti Ninan
Poem by: 
Brian Pastoor

Book Review: Siva and Her Sisters
Caste, Class and Gender in Rural South India
Author: Karin Kapadia
Review: Renuka Viswanathan

Short Story : The Little Carved Box
by Pratibha Ray
Translation from Oriya: Jayanta Mahapatra

Responses to Manushi

The Girl From Kathua

About the Book:

On January 10, 2018, a little girl allegedly disappeared in Kathua district of Jammu province. Even before her body was recovered a week later, a sinister narrative was launched alleging that the girl was abducted, gang raped and killed by ‘RSS-minded’ Hindus in a Hindu temple. Talib Hussain, a PDP-Hurriyat activist with criminal antecedents led the campaign, in which Patwari Sanji Ram was declared as the ‘mastermind’.

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