सनातन धर्म में देवी का महात्म्य

Rati Hegde Live with Madhu Kishwar 

Revelling in her role as a mother to three youngsters, Rati Hegde is a columnist who writes on Spirituality, Current Affairs, Women & Family, Hindu Rituals and Practices and more. She is also a Social Media influencer and has her own page “Stories of Bharat” on Facebook. Rati is passionate about saving the Indian Breed of Cows and Freeing Temples from Government Control. She is a founder member of the Hindu Charter of Demands and Equal Rights for Hindus. Recently her second book “Tales of Bharat – Dharma” was published by Indusscrolls and is available on Amazon & Hindueshop.

She will be talking about the knowledge hidden in plain sight in the 1000 names of Lalita Tripura Sundari (Lalita Sahasranama). She shall also talk a little about some of the verses of Saundarya Lahiri Stotra.

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About Manushi

Manushi Trust was instituted in 1979 to provide the legal and organizational base for publishing Manushi – A Journal about Women & Society which was founded in 1978. Apart from publishing the journal ( whose print edition was discontinued in 2008 when we faced murderous attacks and endless harassment due to our work for street vendors), Manushi Trust has been involved in a whole range of activist interventions.

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From its very inception, Manushi founder & Managing Trustee, Madhu Kishwar took a policy decision not to accept foreign funding or government grants in order to retain the independence and autonomy of the organization.

Aims & Objectives: MANUSHI has endeavoured to contribute towards finding effective solutions for the economic, political, social and civilizational challenges confronting India today through patient study, a non-partisan approach, live interaction with the people concerned, and culturally sensitive, informed activism. MANUSHI seeks out practical and creative ideas to meet the challenges of our times and avoids falling into the trap of deadening ideologies.

MANUSHI is neither Left-Wing Nor Right-Wing. We are Truth Wingers.

Manushi Upholds

  • Social Harmony, Not Social Fragmentation;
  • Religious Freedom, Not Religious Tyranny;
  • Equity, Not Special Rights;
  • Legitimate Concerns of All, Illegitimate Demands of None;
  • Cultural Freedom, Not Cultural Slavery to Alien Norms;
  • Community Bonding, Not Narcissistic Individualism;
  • Citizenship Rights, Not Communal Tyranny in the Name of Minority Rights;
  • Our Right to Historical Truth, Not Fake Narratives to Protect Enemies of Bharat;
  • The right to reclaim the vandalized heritage of Bharatvarsh & assert its civilizational integrity in all domains: social, political, educational, cultural, and dharmic.

Manushi Trust also publishes books, makes documentary films and undertakes a whole range of activities, including legal aid and PIL work, through the modest resources generated by the sales and subscriptions of our publications.

Manushi Founder, Madhu Kishwar describes her work as "labour of love" and has ensured that her lifelong commitment to Resurgent Bharat is one of giving, not of taking. She has never accepted any monetary fee on account of her work for Manushi. Instead, she has continuously sustained Manushi from her own earnings as a professor and writer.

Manushi has managed to stay alive on a shoe-string budget for over four decades on the strength of dedicated volunteers that came from different parts of India as well as abroad. Though we have a small team of paid staff, we welcome volunteers and interns.

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The Girl From Kathua

About the Book:

On January 10, 2018, a little girl allegedly disappeared in Kathua district of Jammu province. Even before her body was recovered a week later, a sinister narrative was launched alleging that the girl was abducted, gang raped and killed by ‘RSS-minded’ Hindus in a Hindu temple. Talib Hussain, a PDP-Hurriyat activist with criminal antecedents led the campaign, in which Patwari Sanji Ram was declared as the ‘mastermind’.

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