The Kashmir Files: Will the NCERT Redeem Itself?

‘’Every non-Kashmiri, who comes out of the theatres after watching The Kashmir Files is asking just one question, repeatedly. “Why didn’t we know all these facts for past 32 years?” Well, simply because the facts were deliberately hidden from you. You were lied to. Deliberately, Repeatedly and Brazenly’’
And the NCERT is complicit in this gross, in this criminal deceit.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) was set up in 1961 by the Government of India.  It is an autonomous organization, the single agency most responsible for the education of the students of India.  The NCERT textbooks are gospel, yes, gospel, for these students and, even today, success in public examinations is dependent on rote regurgitation of their contents. Questioning the NCERT gospel – certainly in the Humanities and Social Sciences – does not get you marks and is strongly discouraged by teachers.  This is so even with the Union Public Service Commission, which recruits to the so-called higher bureaucracy such as the elitist Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Police Service. 

Therefore, even today, those recruited to rule our country – part of the ''establishment'' as described by Vivek Agnihotri – believe, as a class, in what the NCERT has told them, and do not believe in what the NCERT does not tell them.    

It is pertinent that the overwhelming majority of the students are kaffirs. 

Now, about 1400 years ago, a war was declared against Hind, that is Hindustan, by the founder of a rapacious religion. That war against us – with its advance of two steps and a retreat of one step – has been fought unremittingly by the followers of the founder.   

That war is the Ghazwa e Hind.  And the ghazis, campaign by campaign, advance inexorably in conquest.  

The Ghazwa e Hind is not denied by the followers of Mohammad. Indeed, it is preached and practised openly by them. It is a historical fact and an ongoing historical process.  Against this kutayuddha, we are, and this is documented, ‘‘the shrinking Hindu nation’’. 

Is there even one mention, even one, in any NCERT textbook ever of the Ghazwa e Hind?   

On March 11, 2022, there burst on the Indian screen, onto the Indian scene, a film called The Kashmir Files. And it brought into the consciousness of us ordinary kaffirs the fact and process of the Ghazwa e Hind that the NCERT chooses to conceal from us. 

The Kashmir Files, after four years of research and documentation and over 700 videographed testimonies of the holocaust survivors, emerges as a consciously understated yet still gut-wrenching and heart-rending revelation of the genocide in independent India of a peaceful and law-abiding Hindu community by the followers of the Koran in a manner sanctioned by that religion. And there is not one word, not one, in any NCERT textbook that tells you about this genocide that this community has endured. 

The makers of that film tell us that, among the many questions they are asked by those who have seen the film, the first is why it is, how it is that we did not know of this? 

Why, in the words of Vivek Agnihotri, "school college ke education mein jahan poori tarah se jhoot padaya jaata hai"

Why, indeed?   

Every non-Kashmiri, who comes out of the theatres after watching The Kashmir Files is asking just one question, repeatedly. “Why didn’t we know all these facts for past 32 years? Well, simply because the facts were deliberately hidden from you. You were lied to. Deliberately, Repeatedly and Brazenly’’ – soulinexile [emphasis in original]. 

And the NCERT is complicit in this gross, in this criminal deceit.  They have prepared the minds of generations, of crores, of young Hindu students as soil fertile for the kutayoddha-s to till. 

The Kashmir Files illustrates only one more chapter in the global history of the imperialism of the Koran.  There are many many earlier chapters in its history in Hindustan, and we are openly threatened with more chapters till Hindustan is made into Mughalistan. 

But the ghazwa is not just about the conquest of territory. It is about the killing of kaffirs, because the very existence of the kaffir questions the omnipotence of the god of the momin. It is about, as Vivek Agnihotri tells us, the very erasure of Hindu civilisation, and Kashmir since 1947 shows how this is being brought about in independent India. 

So we and our civilisation must die. And The Kashmir Files illustrates how we are to die – fearsomely, because the Koran requires the kaffir fear the momin, and that the momin must make the kaffir fearful. 

Islam is the practice of what the Koran preaches. The Koran requires jihad, the momin practises it.  

The killers are not ''terrorists'' or ''aatankvadis'' or ''misguided youth''.  They are jihadis by their defining text and by their self-definition. 

We have a Constitution interpreted by our learned higher judiciary in a manner that protects and strengthens and enables and preserves the hate-filled beliefsystem that ordains our own destruction. 

It is negationism to claim, as our higher judicary does, that Islam is about love and peace. No, most emphatically it is about fear.  There is no such thing as radical Islam / Islamism or other such woke-isms to exculpate the hate taught by the Koran.   

The imperialism of the Koran is protected by and flourishes under the Constitution of India. 

And the NCERT will not educate the kaffir about it. 

The makers of the film reveal, in interviews, their insights from their study and experience. 

They give not just a brutally honest account of the making of The Kashmir Files, but they are even more brutally honest about the pattern they unearth, that is cunningly concealed from us by the NCERT, of a whole ecosystem that enables and encourages the Ghazwa e Hind. This pattern enjoyed the patronage of the government, and it enjoyed the patronage of the highest political and judicial authorities of the Indian State. 

This is the pattern of the Ghazwa e Hind, of the Koranic war of the momin against the kaffir. 

Vivek Agnihotri describes the wilful breaking of the threads of the pattern so that we cannot recognise it. He warns that ''hamesha yeh yaad rakhiye, government kisi ki bhi ho, establishment inka hai…'' 

The makers of the film tell us about the Nehru-Gandhis sacrificing KPs and Kashmir to the Abdullahs, their friendship with the wily Abdullahs of greater value to them than loyalty to the country. It was, as has been stated elsewhere, the Kaurava Court. 

The makers of the film tell us about the kutayuddha on Hindu civilisation by the followers of the Koran. On March 15, 2022, the momins had the United Nations pass a resolution protecting Islam, while we foundered in a mealymouthed response that included the KP genocide in an ''etc'' and that supported the right of momins to practise (the violence of) the tenets of their Koran without fear of reprisal. The world now has a UN-sanctioned International Day to Combat Islamophobia. 

There can never be vasudhaiva kutumbakam – it is all very well in political discourse as a chanakyan sama but, like Gandhian ahimsa and Nehruvian panchsheel, our enemies do not believe in it and we only hoax ourselves by wishing they will. Preach what we kaffirs will, but we must practise chanakyaniti. 

Swami Vivekananda wanted "an Islam body" for our motherland as our only hope. Our current prime minister is a vivekanandi, and we have ''sabka saath, sabka vikaas, sabka viswaas'' and the UP chief minister seems to have added "sabka prayaas'' in his public speech to his party after the recent UP election result was declared.  

There are none so blind as those who will not see. The Koran is a violent antithesis of the sanatana dharma and the twain never have and never can meet.  

The madrasa is founded on and teaches the Koran. The Koran teaches hate for the kaffir and breeds killers – jihadis – to further the imperialism of the Koran. We have given them the Constitutional right and protection to propagate that beliefsystem in our country.  

The NCERT teaches ''Indian secularism'' and creates the Hindu mindset that can dismiss as political propaganda, as "laughable", the genocide of Hindus by the followers of the Koran.  

The Indian State (including its military) through special schemes encourages those who subscribe to the Koran to join the establishment of the State and, therefore, the fostering of ''500 mini-Kashmirs'' all over India.  

We choose to remain blind to Koranic imperialism that defines itself only by othering the Hindu. 

Hopefully The Kashmir Files is opening the eyes of crores of Hindus to the pattern of the ''religious terrorism'' that is a defining and definitive requirement of the Koran and, therefore, the duty of every follower of the Koran.  

But will it open the eyes of the NCERT and, through the NCERT, of crores of kaffir students all over the country? 

The Ghazwa e Hind is a historical, documented ongoing process and fact – but not by the NCERT. 

The NCERT and the UPSC remain the most effective recruiters for the "establishment'" of ''Indian secularism''; they prepare Hindus to be the footsoldiers of the Ghazwa e Hind.  

The Ghazwa e Hind has a contemporary war cry, shrilled from mosques:   

Raliv, Tsaliv ya Galiv  – Convert, flee, or die.

And there you have it – the venomous essence of the Ghazwa e Hind, of Islam's war against India. 

Is there even one mention, even one, in any NCERT textbook ever of raliv, tsaliv ya galiv (or, in Kashmiri, raleo, tsaleo ya galeo)? 

Convert, flee, or die.  

Our textbooks need a new chapter, The Ghazwa e Hind.  

Does the NCERT have the courage to write it? 



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Unfortunately, the NHRC and President material was lost in a computer crash (and the NHRC had given a case number which should be in its files somewhere), but both are referred to at (May 18, 2003): 

As for the NHRC, it did under its new Chair issue a notice to the J&K government in regard to the Nadimarg massacre, and then gently tut-tutted its distress at the notice being ignored by the state government.   Not only did this decontextualise Nadimarg from the longer experience of the “ethnic cleansing” of the KPs, but where now is the secular evangelical zealotry that so distinguished the NHRC in the case of Gujarat? 


Finally, our great silver-haired hope, the Lord of the Nation.  The election of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam as Rashtrapati was welcomed by all sections of society.  That Dr Kalam plays the veena and practises yoga was made much of by our English-language press as establishing his secular credentials (the veena and yoga both, of course, being “Hindu” – though, for example, Mr Clinton’s saxophone and jogging are naturally not to be described as Christian).  One of the new President’s first significant acts was to visit the relief camps in Gujarat.  He was sent a KP citizen’s invitation [mine] to visit the Jammu camps too but neither he nor his office responded.  He modified his official website to give on it four official e-addresses for himself, including one specifically for petitions.  A citizen’s petitions [mine, again] in regard to the secular double standards of the PCI and the NHRC were sent on 11/3/03 to him both by regd AD (and were received in his office) and by email. Two e-reminders in each case over 2 months later, there remains no response.  No doubt the compulsions of Nehruvian secularism require a Nerovian fiddling by the First Citizen of his veena while the extermination of a whole community of ordinary citizens from our homeland goes on before him – “the ethnic cleansing of the Kashmiri Pandits, far more horrible than the one of the Bosnians” and referred to in passing at President of India who rushed to Gujarat after his appointment then took a leisurely 10 months to go to a KP camp in Jammu. What happened to his assurances to the KP refugees, including that they “will be accorded internally displaced status”?   The National Human Rights Commission does not apply to Kashmir the same standards it applied in Gujarat. 

  • Vivek Agnihotri refers to PM Rajiv Gandhi disclaiming any concern for the killing of KPs. This is also a reference by Shri MJ Akbar (‘How can we interfere’: Former MP and senior journalist MJ Akbar recalls Rajiv Gandhi’s reply on the plight of Kashmiri Hindus, OpIndia,, Mar 16, 2022). Cf. Matt 27.24.  
  • I distinctly remember a report that a KP delegation had met PM AB Vajpayee and pleaded for help. Shri Vajpayee expressed his helplessness because the KPs were not a politically significant electorate (in other words, a vote bank).  Again, the report lost in that computer crash but a reference was made to it at : ''As correspondent Lalit Koul points out, even Prime Minister AB Vajpayee did not care to say a few words of sympathy for the Nadimarg victims of terrorism when he visited Srinagar. He visited Jammu but never cared to visit victims of terrorism in camps.'' 

So, with Vivek Agnihotri, ''hamesha yeh yaad rakhiye, government kisi ki bhi ho, establishment inka hai…’’. 

Can the NCERT, in its own domain, bring about a change?  Will it redeem itself? 









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