What do Slap-Gate, Tom Brady’s fall from grace & Gautam Adani’s sudden downfall have in common?

My disclaimer: The following note about ‘Sadhguru’ Jaggi Vasudev and his followers, especially some of the one-time global celebrities among them, came to me in a pen drive dropped quietly in an innocuous looking envelope at my office gate. Some of the information contained in the note below is already in the public domain through articles in the mainstream media and also several blogs. But thus far all these seemingly disparate happenings have not been stringed together to point to a disturbing pattern.

The latest hit on the Indian economy through the mysterious downfall of Gautam Adani forced me to take note of it. All of the cataclysmic events mentioned in the note, leading to the crash of Gautam Adani’s business empire, have a well-established common thread. Therefore, they can’t be a mere coincidence.

I decided to publish this anonymous note, which I do very rarely, because I strongly feel that the public at large, and celebrities in particular, need to be aware of the potential risks they invite by associating with ‘Gurus’ who are not rooted in dharma, which is based on Vedic knowledge. It is my considered belief that Vedic knowledge is best derived through the well-established Guru-Shishya parampara.

Will Smith

“Before the career ending event that was ‘Slap-gate’, Will Smith’s professional life was already on a bit of a slide, as was his personal life. Around the end of 2020 a certain “someone” reached out to Will offering spiritual guidance and solace, with the promise that it could help turn his life around. This “someone” has made a career of gaining popularity through cleverly orchestrated interactions and digital campaigns with individuals, like Will, with big followings. Will accepted the offer and the two met. The meeting was well publicized and broadcast exhaustively to our mystery someone’s sizeable social media following. A super celebrity like Will Smith turning to someone for spiritual guidance is quite an eye-catching headline and one that can open the door to many more like him.

Matthew McConaughey

Fast forward a few months later and our certain someone came knocking at the door of, then highly in demand, Oscar winning leading man Matthew McConaughey. This time the interaction was a simple exchange of spiritual ideas. Riding on the back of these two interactions our man’s PR team roped in, for an interaction, sports superstar Tom Brady! At that point Tom had everything; 7-time Super Bowl champion, supermodel wife, perfect family and the list went on! And yes, if you didn’t guess already, our mystery someone is a man!

Tom Brady

Fast-forward a couple of years, Will Smith has committed personal and career hara-kiri when he got up on stage during the Oscars and proceeded to slap Chris Rock, the host, across the face for a mildly offensive joke about his wife. Mathew McConaughey went from being the most wanted leading man in Hollywood to not having made a movie in over 3 years. Tom Brady went from being the man who had everything to the man who has nothing. His team had their worst season in football. His wife has divorced him and the ungracious way in which he has handled his recent misfortune has earned him the moniker of the most hated man in football!

At this point it’s important to note that our mystery man’s “generous” offers for spiritual guidance are not limited to the rich and famous in the west! He has an equal affinity for the Indian elite.

Gautam Adani

Everyone knows of Indian Businessman Gautam Adani’s meteoric rise up the “richest man in the world” list and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone knows of his meteoric fall at the heels of accusations of financial fraud and insider trading. But what we’re pretty sure most you do not know of is who he met and engaged with right before his world took a turn for the worse. Drumroll. Our mystery man! No surprise at this point!

So, who IS this mystery man who, after just a single meeting, has the otherworldly ability of, pardon our French, turning the lives of people to absolute shit?? It’s none other than self-proclaimed spiritual guru and internet celebrity Jaggi Vasudev who is more popularly known by his self-anointed name “Sadhguru.”

Oh, and the list of people whose lives have taken a turn for the worse, after meeting Jaggi Vasudev, doesn’t end at Gautam Adani!

Kangna Ranaut

Around 2014, at the heels of a series of films that garnered immense critical acclaim and commercial success, Kangana Ranaut was THE most sought-after actress in Bollywood. And like her unfortunate counterparts in Hollywood, when Jaggi Vasudev’s PR machinery came knocking at her door she answered. Today, not surprisingly, she seems to step in controversy wherever she walks. Her films have been a string of one critical and commercial failure after another.

Chandrababu Naidu

In 2014 Chandrababu Naidu had just become Chief Minister of the State of Andhra Pradesh. Essentially the most powerful man in one of the biggest States of India. A perfect candidate for Jaggi Vasudev’s spiritual guidance. It’s important to note here that men like Jaggi Vasudev, who are seen as a “Guru” by people, command immense respect in India. And we’re assuming that it’s this respect that allowed a man like Chandrababu Naidu to closely associate himself with Jaggi Vasudev. An association that would cost Mr. Naidu dearly in the years to come. Soon after he became CM he was directly implicated in one of the biggest scams his State had seen, the 2015 cash for vote scam. Things went pretty much downhill from there on out. The CM’s decision-making ability and rationale seemed to have left him. He engaged in nepotism, he went against the will of his people and lost their support. All of this all but ensured an end to his re-election bid.

Prakash Javadekar

Former Minister of Environment, Prakash Javadekar, suffered a similar fate when we was left out of the current governments cabinet after associating closely with Jaggi Vasudev’s campaign to “save” Indian rivers. Not surprisingly, this campaign has landed Jaggi Vasudev and his organization, Isha Foundation, in a legal soup over the alleged forcible and illegal fund collection to the tune of Rs 10,000 Crore from the government. The charges are that this humungous fund has been misappropriated.

Now, we know what most of you must be wondering; how can simply engaging and taking so-called spiritual guidance from one person absolutely ruin someone’s life?! To answer that, we need to understand what the word “Guru” means. Guru means guide. A guide for your life. Someone who guides you through the mine-field of life towards realizing your fullest potential on this planet. You give a position of great power and responsibility when you let them into your life and call them Guru.

Now, coming back to the answer to our question, imagine you’re driving a car, the car here is a metaphor for your life, and you decide to give the wheel to someone with highly compromised vision, but someone who has you convinced they can drive a car better than Mario Andretti. What do you think will be the outcome?! Best case scenario you and your car end up in a ditch.


Worst case scenario you’re driven off a cliff. So why is Jaggi Vasudev being compared to a blind driver?! Because that is how qualified he is to play the role of a Guru. He himself proclaims he hasn’t read a single scripture like the Upanishad, or the Bhagavad Gita, but calls himself a representative of all that this knowledge personifies; a Guru. A simple google search of him will throw up an endless number of YouTube videos with millions of views. But a cursory glance through one of these videos will reveal to you someone who uses a fake American accent and click bait’y one liners with wrong and dangerous knowledge meant to wow gullible minds seeking guidance and wisdom. The application of this knowledge and advice has the potential of driving the car, that is your life, off a cliff. Just like we’ve seen with Will Smith, Tom Brady, Gautam Adani and the others.

At this point you may ask yourself how come Jaggi’s videos have so many views. It won’t surprise you to know he is revealed to be the highest spender on ads on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (https://www.businessinsider.in/business/news/sadhguru-koo-and-voot-select-are-indias-top-3-advertisers-on-meta-this-quarter/articleshow/93276557.cms).

Moreover, his ad-spend on google is believed to dwarf that on Meta. The most obvious follow up question is where does he get all his money?!  To answer that you need to ask yourself; what ever happened to the thousands of crores that were raised for “Rally for Rivers” or “Save Soil”?? Where are the revived rivers or the schools, or hospitals or any service project meant to make the world a better place. The answer to that question is; there aren’t many or rather there are close to none.

Numerous reports claiming misappropriation of funds from these massive campaigns have been written prompting an ongoing investigation into the matter (https://www.cnbctv18.com/legal/isha-foundation-lands-in-legal-trouble-for-collecting-rs-200-crore-under-cauvery-calling-karnataka-hc-raps-jaggi-vasudev-5020551.htm). An unmanned source who was once a high-ranking member of his organizations international operations walked away after discovering blatant tax fraud. It doesn’t end there, his ashram in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is built on illegally acquired land that is encroaching on an elephant corridor (https://www.newslaundry.com/2021/05/17/how-sadhguru-built-his-isha-empire-illegally). He’s found himself in quite a legal soup in Tamil Nadu over this.

The crimes don’t stop at misappropriation of funds, tax fraud and land grabbing. They extend to homicide. Many close to him from his early days have revealed him to being complicit in the death of his wife. Numerous reports have been written on it (https://sadhgurukilledhiswife.wordpress.com/). People in his ashram have died under mysterious circumstances (https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/woman-missing-coimbatore-isha-yoga-centre-found-dead-171482). Now you may ask yourself why isn’t this national news. Well, tens of thousands of crores in misappropriated donations can buy your way out of anything.

In conclusion, to succinctly answer your question; how all these famous and powerful people’s lives took such a turn for the worse after meeting Jaggi Vasudev, all you need to ask yourself is what would happen to your life if it was being guided by someone like him?! The answer, we hope, is obvious at this point!”

This is the end of the Note I received. I leave the readers to judge these facts for themselves.

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