Thook Jihad: An Essential Part of Islam

Circulating in the public domain are numerous videos of Muslim food preparers and vendors spitting into what they are preparing or on what they are vending.[1]

So, what is going on?

Spitting, like stone-pelting (ramy al-jamarat – the stoning of the devil, [2]) is a momin ritual, and it goes all the way back to the illustrious example of The First Momin, Islam’s Holy Prophet Himself (PBUH).

Let us start with some holy texts of Islam that are unimpeachable and irrefutable eye-witness authority of the apostolic sanction for spitting:

Narrated Mahmud bin Ar-Rabi’: I remember Allah’s Apostle and also the mouthful of water which he took from a bucket in our house and ejected (on me).[3] 

Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: ….. So I came (to my house) and Allah’s Apostle too, came, proceeding before the people. When I came to my wife, she said, “May Allah do so-and-so to you.” I said, “I have told the Prophet of what you said.” Then she brought out to him (i.e. the Prophet the dough, and he spat in it and invoked for Allah’s Blessings in it. Then he proceeded towards our earthenware meat-pot and spat in it and invoked for Allah’s Blessings in it. Then he said (to my wife). Call a lady-baker to bake along with you and keep on taking out scoops from your earthenware meat-pot, and do not put it down from its fireplace.” They were one-thousand (who took their meals), and by Allah they all ate, and when they left the food and went away, our earthenware pot was still bubbling (full of meat) as if it had not decreased, and our dough was still being baked as if nothing had been taken from it.[4] 

Narrated Al-Miswar bin Makhrama and Marwan: (whose narrations attest each other): …..Urwa then started looking at the Companions of the Prophet. By Allah, whenever Allah’s Apostle spat, the spittle would fall in the hand of one of them (i.e. the Prophet’s companions) who would rub it on his face and skin; if he ordered them they would carry his orders immediately; if he performed ablution, they would struggle to take the remaining water; and when they spoke to him, they would lower their voices and would not look at his face constantly out of respect. Urwa returned to his people and said, “O people! By Allah, I have been to the kings and to Caesar, Khosrau and An-Najashi, yet I have never seen any of them respected by his courtiers as much as Muhammad is respected by his companions. By Allah, if he spat, the spittle would fall in the hand of one of them (i.e. the Prophet’s companions) who would rub it on his face and skin; if he ordered them, they would carry out his order immediately; if he performed ablution, they would struggle to take the remaining water……[5]

Narrated Abu Juhaifa: I saw Allah’s Apostle in a red leather tent and I saw Bilal taking the remaining water with which the Prophet had performed ablution. I saw the people taking the utilized water impatiently and whoever got some of it rubbed it on his body and those who could not get any took the moisture from the others’ hands.[6]

Abu Qatada reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: A good vision is from Allah and a bad dream (hulm) is from the satan; so if one of you sees anything (in a dream which he dislikes, he should spit on his left side thrice and seek refuge with Allah from its evil, and then it will never harm him.[7]

Uthman b. Abu al-‘As reported that he came to Messenger of Allah and said: Allah’s Messenger, the Satan intervenes between me and my prayer and my reciting of the Qur’an and he confounds me. Thereupon Messenger of Allah said:, That is (the doing of the Satan) who is known as Khinzab, and when you perceive its effect, seek refuge with Allah from it and spit three times to your left. I did that and Allah dispelled that from me.[8]

So we have these declarations that establish not just what would be blasphemous for any momin to question but also a practice that a momin must faithfully follow.

It is crystal clear – and undeniable – that, depending on the context, this spitting is an Islamic act of blessing, of purification by and for the momin, and it is an act of humiliation of the kaffir who Koran 7.27 declares is protected by the devil or is an ally of the devil.

Spitting on a momin or on food for a momin blesses and purifies, and not just spitting but even the dirty ablutionary (wudu) water of a holy person does so.[9]

Spitting on a kaffir or on food for a kaffir keeps satanic forces at bay[10] and, by extension, spitting on a but-parast, an idol worshipper, is a sure means of reminding us of our ranking as among ‘‘the worst of created beings’’[11]

It follows that when it is not certain that the person receiving the spit is a momin or a kaffir, the same spit will bless the momin and curse the kaffir.

The Muslim sanction in our Islamic history for spitting into us goes back at least to the late 13th century:

Alaul-Din Khilji

‘The Persian historian Wassaf writes in his book ‘Tazjiyat-ul-Amsar wa Tajriyat ul Asar’ that when the Alaul-Din Khilji (An Afghan of Turkish origin and second ruler of the Khilji Dynasty in India 1295-1316 AD)…….once asked his spiritual advisor (or ‘Qazi’) as to what was the Islamic law prescribed for the Hindus. The Qazi replied: “Hindus are like the mud; if silver is demanded from them, they must with the greatest humility offer gold. If a Mohammadan desires to spit into a Hindu’s mouth, the Hindu should open it wide for the purpose. God created the Hindus to be slaves of the Mohammadans. The Prophet hath ordained that, if the Hindus do not accept Islam, they should be imprisoned, tortured, finally put to death, and their property confiscated.”[12]

”The following were the rules during Aurangazeb’s reign:………In several cases, if a Muslim coughed loudly with a “Khaakh” sound before spitting, the Zimmi had to respectfully open his mouth and allow the Muslim to spit into it and swallow the spittle without showing a trace of discomfort or disgust on his face.”[13] 

In contemporary India, we have recorded instances of momin food preparers and vendors spitting into what they are preparing or on what they are vending.

And we have celebrity barber Jawed Habib who, to the cheers of his audience, spits on women’s heads.[14]

We have cine celebrity and Indian secularist Aamir Khan who spits on actresses.[15]

And we have momin missionaries extending the apostolic discharge of sputum against satanic forces to the discharge of urine and faeces at us – yes,  piss and shit.[16]

Pelting with spit (as it is with stones) is an instrument of jihad.

Thus, Thook Jihad is an essential part of Islam because it was practised by the founder of that religion, and it is therefore a practice enjoined on his followers as a religious practice. 

No momin dare question that practice. To question what the founder of Islam said or did is blasphemy, punishable with death (sar tan se juda which too has apostolic sanction – Koran 8.12).

This religious practice has evolved and expanded into bioterrorism against us, to wilfully spreading the coronavirus amongst us (including by foreigners whose jihadi missionising in our country is safeguarded by our judiciary).[17]

We treat it as a law and order problem. It is not. It is a religious problem,

But the jihadi religion is protected by Article 25 of our negationist, minority-appeasing Constitution, and Indian-secular ‘‘Constitutional morality’’ turns a blind eye to it.

Thook jihad is jihad, with Muslim religious sanction for and Indian juridical obliviousness to this Islamic bioterrorism.


The drinking of camel urine too has apostolic authority that is cited by the renowned Muslim missionary, Dr Zakir Naik.

‘‘ Muslims can consume the urine or fecal matter of any animal or bird that is permissible (Halal) for them to eat.’’[18]


  1. Many of the urls cited in the Notes have videos that illustrate the points made in this essay. As does

The title of this essay is taken from “Thook Jihad’’ decoded: Why Muslims Spit on food, TNI News, Nov 25, 2021.

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