The challenges of running Vedic Gurukuls in today’s India!

Mohit Bharadwaj LIVE with Madhu Kishwar

Mohit Bharadwaj, an engineer, who traditionally learnt Shukla YajurVeda during his college days, left his lucrative IT career to establish Vaidika Bharata, and made it his life’s mission to revive Vedic Shrauta Rituals in North India, in the land of Ganga-Yamuna or Antarvedi, as he puts it.

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MANUSHI is neither Left-Wing Nor Right-Wing. We are Truth Wingers.

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Manushi Founder, Madhu Kishwar describes her work as “labour of love” and has ensured that her lifelong commitment to Resurgent Bharat is one of giving, not of taking. She has never accepted any monetary fee on account of her work for Manushi. Instead, she has continuously sustained Manushi from her own earnings as a professor and writer.

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