Tanuja Nesari Describes How Ayurved Has Proved its Mettle in Defeating Corona Virus (Part 2)

Vaidya Tanuja Nesari, Director All India Institute of Ayurveda in conversation with Madhu Kishwar on how Ayurveda centres are proving their competence in treating Corona patients. However, the "privilege" of treating Corona patients was granted to AIIA and other Ayurvedic centres only after months of pleading with the Government of India to allow them to prove their mettle. This tells us that in the land of its own origin, Ayurveda still remains on the margins as far as government patronage and support is concerned. Allopathic system of medicine and treatment dominates the scene despite its many limitations and harmful fallouts.

Vaidya Nesari argues for a holistic approach, with each system occupying the space it deserves. She describes the protocols Ayush has developed to test the efficacy of Ayurvedic cures for preventing the spread of the virus as well as treating patients with full precautions and care. She also describes how none of their staff, including those in-charge of Corona patients, have caught the virus because the AIIA took care to strengthen their body's ability to defeat the virus with Ayurvedic herbs well known to strengthen the immune system.

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