Legendary Archaeologist Dr Lal Appeals to PM Modi: Please Save 5000 Yr Old Excavated Kalibangan Site

Dr. BB Lal had written a personal letter to Prime Minister Modi in September 2019 expressing his anguish at the brutal neglect of the 5000 year old Kalibangan site excavated by Dr Lal's team more than 50 years ago in Rajasthan.

Sadly, Dr Lal got no response from the PM.

Therefore, I did this interview with Dr Lal to help his voice reach not just PM Modi but also a wider audience.

This unique historic excavation–the oldest anywhere in the world– was dug out more than 50 years ago but today it lies buried under a huge mound of earth because it has been ravaged through neglect.

This is undoubtedly a crime against Indic civilization!

In this video, 99 year old Dr Lal describes his distress at the bizarre indifference of the government in not preserving and promoting the pre Islamic excavated sites at Indraprastha and Hastinapur of Mahabharat era and Kalibangan that predates the Mahabharat era sites by 2000 years.

He also appeals to the PM and HRD minister to fix the school textbooks which are still peddling the fake Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) despite the fact that AIT theory has been debunked effectively by historians and archaeologists alike.

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