Kisse Kashmir Ke: Ajaat Jamwal interviews Madhu Kishwar, Part 4 of 6

In part four of this series, Kisse Kashmir Ke, Madhu Kishwar describes her close association with & subsequent disenchantment with the Muftis & the PDP;  How Mufti persuaded the Central government to open the Muzaffarabad road to POK & used nationalist rhetoric to cover up his pro-Pak Islamist agenda, including the “Self-Rule” agenda which was a clever attempt to give respectability to Parvez Musharraf’s formula for the settlement of Kashmir issue with Pakistan; How brazen anti-India, the anti-Hindu role played by the father-daughter duo during the anti-Amarnath agitation, their callous disregard for the rights of Hindus of the state; their willing cover-up of Abdullah government's role in the gruesome killing of Rajnish Sharma in police custody for the crime of marrying a Muslim girl–all this and more opened her eyes to the fact that even so-called mainstream Kashmiri Muslim politicians are committed to Pakistani agenda of Ghazwa E Hind! 
Kishwar speaks in her characteristic forthright manner, no matter how politically incorrect she may appear. As is her USP, she does not push inconvenient facts under the carpet nor did she hesitate to sever ties in a determined manner with her erstwhile close friends once she realised that their real agenda was to Break up India.

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