Kisse Kashmir Ke: Ajaat Jamwal interviews Madhu Kishwar, Part 1 of 6 episodes

Madhu Kishwar narrates the story of connection with Kashmir issues including her own family’s old connection with J&K.

In this episode Madhu Kishwar narrates her maternal family’s connection with Kashmir from pre-Partition days; How her mother’s family first lost their home and their assets in Peshawar during 1947 and thereafter and how her grandparents lost all they owned in Kashmir in the name of “land reforms” carried out by Sheikh Abdullah. The story does not end there. Thereafter, her grand uncle’s family which continued living in Kashmir was ousted in 1989 as part of total ethnic cleansing of Hindus.

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The Girl From Kathua

About the Book:

On January 10, 2018, a little girl allegedly disappeared in Kathua district of Jammu province. Even before her body was recovered a week later, a sinister narrative was launched alleging that the girl was abducted, gang raped and killed by ‘RSS-minded’ Hindus in a Hindu temple. Talib Hussain, a PDP-Hurriyat activist with criminal antecedents led the campaign, in which Patwari Sanji Ram was declared as the ‘mastermind’.

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