Issue 90

Readers Forum

Sita Fights While Ram Swoons
A Shakta Version of the Ramayan
Thomas B. Coburn

Rejoinder: The Rani of Jhansi
Not a Reluctant Rebel
Vijaya Mulay

Health: Handling Childbirth
A Common-sense Approach
Nutan Pandit

Folktale: The Girl who Brought Rainseed

Nutrition: Amla
A Concentrated Energy Source
Paige Passano

Report: Confidential and Secret
The Sardar Sarovar Project & Access to Information
Shripad Dharmadhikary

Book Review: Goddesses: Textual and Spiritual
Sarbani Sarkar

T.V. Review: Much Sound, Little Sense
Sevanti Ninan

Responses to Manushi

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