Issue 86

Readers Forum

Poem: Says Rahim
Abdur Rahim Khankhana
Translated by Vijay Munshi

The Meonis of Mewat
Yoginder Sikand

When Daughters Are Unwanted
Sex Determination Tests in India
Madhu Kishwar

Prenatal Sex Determination
A New Family-Building Strategy
Translated by Lavin Kumar

Short Story: Are you Listening
Sudha Arora
Translated by Lavin Kumar

Poem: In that city
Ann Claremont Le Zotte

Report: Phuleshwari”s Humiliation

Book Review: Bengal Nights And It Does Not Die
Sarbani Sarkar

Film Review: Narmada, a Valley Rises
Sevanti Ninan

Responses to Manushi

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