Issue 77

Breaking the Stalemate
Uniform Civil Code vs Personal Laws
-Madhu Kishwar

Resistance from Within
Muslims against the Practice of Triple Divorce
-Askari Zaidi

Poem: Haiku
-Nandini Bedi

Islamic Talaq
Survey Report from Bombay and Pune
Munira Merchant

The Nehru Women
Conflicts and Stresses During the Freedom Movement
-Suruchi Thapar

Poem: Rape After
Linda Hess

Sex Slavery
From the Hills of Nepal to the Brothels of Delhi
Linda Hess

A Call For Action
Humane Recommendations Ignored
Law Commission”s Report of Maintenance

Short Story: English Lessons
A Call For Action

Books: Storytellers, Saints and Scoundrels and others
Kiran Kapur

Health: Glucose can be Harmful

Letters to Manushi

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