Issue 58

The Kashmir Crisis: What Are Our Options
Madhu Kishwar

Escalating Defence Expenditure
Ravi Rikhye

Scientists and War and Peace
Dinesh Mohan

Rabindranath Tagore on Nationalism

The Special Marriage Act: Not Special Enough
Law by Ruth Vanita

Letters to Manushi

Doubt , Motherhood , Mountain Pass
Poems by Archana Varma

Income Generating Programmes for Women
—Some Pitfalls
Mira Savara

AIDS Protest in Delhi
J.P. Jain, P.S. Sahni, Lalitha S.A.

Fight for Prostitutes” Rights as Citizens
Maithri Forum for Women

How AWAG Dealt with a Rapist
Ila Pathak, Amina Amin

By the Grace of Shasthi
Short Story by Rajshekhar Basu

Letters to Daddy
Film Review by Mukul Kesavan

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