Issue 54-55

Violence and the 1989 Election:
Implications for Women
Madhu Kishwar

A Striving Voice
Shabana Azmi talks to Manushi

In Memoriam: Rajani Rajasingham

Death by Burning: The Need for Safer Fabrics
Dinesh Mohan

Torture is Abetment of Suicide: Supreme Court Judgement
Geeta Luthra, Pinky Anand

Resident Aliens
Poem by Saba Siddique

Ramanika Gupta

Neglect of Women’s Health
Ariane Loening

Taking a Girl Child for Cremation
Poem by Uma Shankar Joshi

The Green Frock
Short Story by Charanjit Kaur

Letters to Manushi

To You, Mother
Poem by Odile

An Ongoing Tragedy: AIDS
Bindu T. Desai

The Power of Taboos
R. Shukla

Krishna the World
The Farce Again
Poems by Jurgen Jansen and Charanjit Kaur

Uma Chakravarti
The India Quiz

Prabha Rani

Ruth Vanita
Mr. Yogi

Ruth Vanita

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