Issue 28

The Body As Metaphor : Socialisation of Women in Punjabi Urban Families
-Veena Das

Caught Between Work and Modesty: The Dilemma of Women Traders in Madras
-Johanna Lessinger

Women Teachers for Change
-V Vasanthi Devi

Domestic Air Pollution: The Effect of Wood Smoke on the Health of Women
-Anil Agarwal

In A Hostile Environment: The Case of IT College, Lucknow
-Vandana Bharatiya

Letters To Manushi

Poem: A Women
-Chandrakant Devtale

Why Men Commit Bigamy With Impunity
-Pushpinder Chandla

From the Bridal to the Pyre: Vasudha, One of Many
-Minakshi, Charu

Challenging A Masculinist Culture: Women’s Protest in St Stephen’s College
-Deepti Priya

Give Women An Informed Choice
Sumati Nair, Vimal Balasubrahmanyan

Short Story: Sanskar
-Dinanath Manohar

Books: Rakku’s Story
-Ruth Vanita

Films: Bombay, Our City, Bahu ki Awaz
Madhu, Ruth

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