Issue 26

The 1984 Elections: United We Fall”Into The Trap Of Manipulators
-Madhu Kishwar, Ruth Vanita

A Ray of Hope in the Midst of Hatred
-Prabha Rani

Those Who Remain…
-Nagrik Ekta Manch volunteers report

The Struggle to Make Government Fulfil Its Promises
-a group of volunteers

Lest We Forget
-Lalita Ramdas

From Fainting to Fighting
Shashi Sail

Why And How Literacy For Women
-Kamla Bhasin

From the Mill To The Streets: A Study of Retrenchment of Women from Ahmedabad Textile Mills
-Renana Jhabvala …contd p. 29

Letters to Manushi

Poem: Phoolan Devi
Vasantha Surya

How Usha Survived
-Renu Dewan

Short Story: Bio-Data
-Swatija Manorama

Films: Aaj Ki Awaz
Madhu Kishwar

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