Issue 153

Responses to MANUSHI

Destroying Swadeshi Retail Sector to Make Way
for Videshi Retailers?

Supreme Court Orders Mass Scale Removal of Delhi’s Vendors

Making Our Cities World Class and People Friendly
Action Plan Submitted to the Government by MANUSHI and SEWA for a Liberalised Regime for Vendors

The Song of Urmila’s Separation
Andhra Women’s Song Spotlights Ramayana’s Neglected Urmila
V Narayana Rao

Matters of Governance Growth and Space in Urban India
K C Sivaramakrishnan

From Bars to Brothels?
When Women Dance to Male Power
Susan Dewey

Politics of Representation
The Portrayal of the Female in Guru Pankaj Charan Das’ Pancha Kanya Dance Dramas
Ratna Roy

Short Story: Various Neighbours
Fatima Noronha

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