Issue 105

Responses to Manushi

Fewer Deaths, Fewer Births
Decline of Child Mortality in a U.P. Village
Pauline Kolenda

Criminal Neglect
An Update on the Union Carbide Disaster in Bhopal

Yours Nationally
Madhu Kishwar

Towards A Zero-Garbage City
A Crusader for Citizens Initiatives
Interview with Iqbal Malik

When Police Act as Pimps
Glimpses into Child Prostitution in India
Report by National Commission for Women

Short Story : Five Women
Manju Kak

Poem : Parting
P. Raja

Short Story : Kerala’s Demographic Transition
Editors : K.C. Zachariah & S. Irudaya Rajan
Review : William M. Alexander

Flim Review : Aan Poove (Male Flower)
Alternative Network of Media People, 20 minutes
Director : P. Balan
Review : Sevanti Ninan

Readers’ Forum

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