Is “Colonization” of Moon, Feasible or Even Desirable?

Nambi Narayanan Live with Madhu Kishwar

The Western world is carrying their typical Abrahamic mindset of loot, plunder and exploitation even to their space programs. They have been talking about colonizing the moon and mining precious minerals there.

Some crackpots are even talking of doing agriculture on the moon since there is a possibility of converting the ice discovered by scientists in parts of the Moon, into water and even electricity.

The idea of “Star Wars” has so gripped the western imagination that best selling authors have written several science fiction novels on the subject.

Several Bollywood films have also been on the subject. Wherever the Abrahamics se foot on Mother Earth, they have caused wave after wave if genocides and major ecological disasters in their quest for loot and plunder, not just of human beings but also natural resources.

By contrast, Sanatan Dharma teaches us reverence for Mother Earth in all its manifestations as well as the various planets that are part of the cosmic universe. Should the leaders of Bharat not aboud the Abrahamic mindset while exploring the space and trying to reach various planets?

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