Has Artificial Intelligence endangered India? (Episode 1 on the impending dangers of Artificial Intelligence in India)

In this video Madhu Kishwar probes Rajiv Malhotra of Infinity Foundation in her forthright style, getting him to disclose some things publicly for the first time:  

  • The role of people like George Soros in manipulating Indian psychology;  
  • The deployment of AI by missionaries;  
  • The emergence of Breaking India Forces 2.0;  
  • Rajiv having to go underground to gather his research data.  
  • The Moronization of the masses who see the digital giants as the new devatas. The syndrome is described in the book as the return of the East India Company.   

She questions his book’s statements about the obsolescence of social sciences as disciplines and the failure of Indian social scientists in keeping pace with emerging global challenges.  

To learn more about 'Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power', visit https://www.aiandpower.com/ 

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