From a successful TV anchor to a political activist: Shazia Ilmi in conversation with Madhu Kishwar

In this episode, Shazia narrates her experience of working with Aam Aadmi Party & her rapid disillusionment with leadership of Arvind Kejriwal. Shazia Ilmi began her career as a TV journalist when private TV channels just made their appearance in India. She went on to become a successful TV anchor but left her job to join the India Against Corruption platform led by Arvind Kejriwal. Thereafter she became one of the founder members and a prominent face of the Aam Aadmi Party launched by Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia. She even fought the Delhi state assembly election as an AAP candidate but lost it with a narrow margin. In this episode, she describes the reasons for her rapid disenchantment with the functioning of AAP and the dictatorial attitude of Kejriwal. She was the first prominent face of the party that left AAP and later joined BJP.

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