Dr. Makary reveals inside data on NIH, CDC & NIAID in a conversation with Congressman Jim Jordan


Dr. Martin Adel Makary is a British-American surgeon, professor, author and medical commentator. Dr. Makary is a Johns Hopkins surgeon and Professor of Health Policy & Management. He is a leading voice for physicians writing for the Wall Street Journal and USA Today and is a member of the National Academy of Medicine.

He is the founder of Restoring Medicine, an advocacy effort to help people who can’t afford their medical bills. Dr. Makary also serves as executive director of Improving Wisely, a national physician collaboration to reduce unnecessary medical care and lower health care costs. His current research focuses on the appropriateness of medical care, administrative waste, price and quality transparency, and the impact of health care costs on low-income populations.

James Daniel Jordan aka Jim Jordan is an American attorney and politician serving as the U.S. representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district since 2007.

In December 2019, an outbreak of COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2, was detected in mainland China. We look back at how US government funding for COVID-19 medical research evolved, and how the research community mobilized to submit and review grants more rapidly than ever before. And yet, a satisfactory research on vaccination and its implication is yet to be seen. We also highlight the challenges of running clinical trials for private researchers.

In an interview with Congressman Jim Jordan, Dr. Makary reveals that the annual budget at CDC is about $9 billion, that of NIAID & NIH is $6 billion and an astonishing $42 – $43 billion respectively. If we do a quick math, that’s around $58 billion annually. CDC and NIH together have an employee strength of 30,000.

Jim Jordan points out that though 30,000 people spend $58 billion a year, our government has still failed to do a study on natural immunity. The Government is scared that the research would undermine the indiscriminate vaccination policy for every single human being including extremely low risk people. Based on the Columbia University study, one in every three Americans had COVID at the end of last year. So, there’s certainly a sufficient sample size to do a study on, and there’s $57 to $58 billion. And there are about 30,000 people who could conceivably do a study on it.

Jim further adds that with private funding, Dr. Makary’s research team is doing a study on natural immunity. Something to note is that no grant money is coming from CDC or NIH. None of these 30,000 employees are helping with the study. In fact, most of our learning comes from Israel and other countries. The Israel study is the largest study done worldwide and it found that natural immunity adjusted for age and comorbidity is 27 times more effective than vaccinated immunity. They released another follow up study on December 5th affirming similar results, that natural immunity is stronger than vaccinated immunity. But the scientists in our government, at the CDC and NIH, don’t account for that. They never talk about it unless asked.

In Dr. Makary’s opinion, they are undermining natural immunity through two studies that the CDC did, that are so flawed and so poorly put together, they would not qualify for a seventh grade science fair. The results cannot be derived from the data. And it’s a disgrace that those two studies were put out because it undermines the larger body of science.

“So they won’t talk about international studies that conclude that natural immunity is 27 times better than the vaccine. But they will do some bogus experiments, using those 33,000 employees and $58 billion of the American taxpayer money”, Jordan added. Their intention is noble, but very paternalistic. They believe that if they acknowledge natural immunity, some people may avoid vaccination. They need to be honest with the data and encourage vaccination at the same time.

The American people, particularly ones paying taxes, expect honesty and transparency from our government. They don’t expect to be deceived. What is surprising is how we can use the resources at NIH and CDC to fund gain of function research and give a grant to EcoHealth, who then send some of that money to a lab in Wuhan, China. But we can’t find any resources to deal with a fundamental question about natural immunity, and so much so that people have to go out and get private funding to do it themselves.

Dr. Makary further revealed that the NIH spent twice as much money on aging research in 2020, than they spent on COVID research. “These mandates, their implications and what it is doing to our economy, is bizarre. Yet we have the head guy, Mr. Fauci, saying he represents science. But he’s afraid to actually perform the science and the studies that can answer this question. And we have to rely on international and private studies to get the truth to the American people”, Jordan said.

We’ve subjected 72 million children to intense restrictions for two years and yet, we don’t have the most basic research. We’ve never had an NIH funded study on masks and kids and we’ve never had any information revealed by the CDC on whether or not any healthy child has died of COVID. It’s either they know the answer and don’t want the American people to know or they do know the answer and are trying to hide it.

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