Christian Missionary Takeover of Nepal

The author choses to remain anonymous because it is too risky to speak out against conversions in Nepal.

Nepal on the lap of the Himalayan range of mountains was the only one Hindu kingdom in the world. The 1. 6 billion Hindus across the globe do not have a single nation to call their own. It was never invaded by the barbaric Mughals nor was subjugated by the brute British forces. Even a few decades ago, especially during the regime of the last King Gyanendra, Hindu majority Nepal was regarded as the most beautiful, small and poor country inhabited by the peace loving naïve and innocent Nepalese population with saffron flags atop of all houses with pride. It remained untouched by the dirty ploy of the Christian Missionaries even three decades back.

The rise of the Maoists in 1990s and the Muslims in collusion with the UNICEF, UN and European Union imperceptibly had made a dramatic change in the demography of the nation. The self-centered Hindu name bearing political leaders brainwashed by the foreign totalitarian ideology imported from China made the country a graveyard of peace. It reminds us the horrific situation in Mao’s China, Stalin’s Russia and Pol Pot’s Cambodia. Now the country has turned to be one of the fastest-growing Christian populations in the world, according to the World Christian Database, which tracks global trends in Christianity. According to Sri Bishwa Mani Pokhrel, editor of Nepal’s Nagarik newspaper pulls out copies of the census to show the statistical gallop of Christianity across Nepal. It listed that there was no Christians in 1951 and the figure rose to just 458 in 1961. By 2001, there were nearly 102,000. A decade later (2011) that number had been tripled to more than 3, 75,000. Pokharel and many others consider that this increase in Christian population is, in fact much higher but intentionally had been reported inadequately for obvious reason suppressing the real facts and figures.

Pokhrel stated that the Christians in the past in their Congregational Party, used to slaughter chicken but nowadays, they are slaughtering bigger animals to greet and feed the newly converted Christians who were Hindus and Buddhists for time immemorial. That extra meat, he explains, is necessary to feed all of the new convertees who have joined the ever increasing long list of guests. When more flesh will be required for more guests, a bigger animal like a cow will be sacrificed in the name of Holy Scriptures. It reminds me the same picture that had happened in Mizoram, Nagaland and other North Eastern states of India by the mercy of the soul harvesters from EU.Now these states want to secede from Indian Union on the plea of Christian majority after ethnically cleansing indigenous pagan Hindu populations from their own motherland.

Hindu name bearing Nepali souls have been harvested in new faith to promote blood bath across the peaceful and serene beauty of Nepal. Much of this Christian population growth can be attributed due to Nepal’s internal conflicts in its political arena. Before 1950, the gates of Nepal were closed to foreigners but alas climbing of mountains has changed that governmental policy.

Starting with the Maoist Civil War of the 1990s and culminating with the end of the monarchy in 2008, the country has transitioned from a Hindu kingdom to a communist-led so-called secular republic with free license to convert innocent and illiterate Nepali population into a new faith of blood thirst. Communism receded from the rest of the world because of its failure to bring equality and removing poverty among the have-nots.

Nepal and India are two nations with Hindu majority and are also soft targets for soul harvesting by the crafty Missionaries from the Western World. There are 52 Muslim countries, 157 Christian nations, 8 small nations are for Buddhists and only one tiny nation in the desert, i.e., Israel is the final destination for the Jews.

But alas one seventh of world population is Hindus, comprising of 1.6 billion and the third most popular religion is Hinduism but ironically not a single Hindu nation remained as a last resort to take refuge for the helpless and hapless Hindus. Hinduism was the oldest civilization spread across the globe. Sanskrit was the mother of all Indo-European languages. Hindu Bharat used to be called fondly by foreigners as India(Indus river inhabitants) was the land of Rishis,Saints and Seers who enlightened the whole world with knowledge of mathematics, cosmology, astronomy, surgery, metallurgy, arts and science was severed by the Axis power to create Pakistan, a holy land to appease the murderous  Muslims at the cost of 20 million of Hindu and Sikh’s life in 1947 on the eve of so-called Indian Independence!!More than 10 million Hindu women and girls were abducted, raped, burnt alive  and slaughtered in the name of Allah to propagate the doctrine of loot, rape, arson and fire. Today Pakistan has turned out to be the epicenter of global radical Islamic Terrorism. The same Islamic Jihad now has halted the tranquility and peace of the whole world. The civilization is receding in front of the savagery of blood-thirsty cult to convert the infidels. The civility in whole world is deaf and mute. The so-called ‘Left Liberals’ by taking side of the marauders are sitting on the fence to enjoy the mayhem of mass murders. The same ‘politically correct’ leaders are now encouraging the process of evangelization by state power which was quite illogical and illegal just a few decades ago in Nepal. They have erased the Hindu status from the Constitution of Nepal with a sole motive to convert the whole nation into Christendom to appease Vatican’s Pope and wipe out Hindus and Hinduism from its own soil.

Churches now are mushrooming throughout Kathmandu Valley and have spread its tentacles across the remote places of different hills. Though proselytizing remains illegal in Nepal but conversion now is rampant with indirect political backing and taking advantage of weak law enforcement, poverty and political instability.

Just giving only NPR 10,000, a whole Nepali Hindu family of five can be converted in one hour into Christian faith having a Bible in hand and a holy cross dangling from every poor and illiterate Nepali Hindus’ neck.

In Northeast India, especially in Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh, Missionaries over two centuries (from the time of East India Company) left no stone unturned to convert the whole indigenous Hindu population into Christianity to create an independent sovereign Christendom as happened in North and South America in the past by slaughtering millions of innocent indigenous Red Indian people by famous Spanish pirate Christopher Columbus in 1892.

The Nepal earthquake in April, 2015, had strengthened the Christian surge by many folds. The instability of the Government and the callousness of the selfish politicians failed to provide help to poor villagers and the opportunity was taken by the Western Missionaries with their vulture-like voracious appetite to harvest cheap Hindu souls by giving free Holy cross, Bible and dry bread to spread the message of salvation.

Climbing for Christ (C4C), an evangelical group based in Rochester, N.Y., is one of many NGOs who are actively engaged in Christianizing Nepal, the only Hindu nation on the Earth. Taking a pledging to bring the Gospel “where others cannot or will not go,” this group began its “Mission: Nepal” in 2008. In 2011, it dedicated the first church in the village of Dapcha, 25 miles east of Kathmandu. Today, Dapcha — with a population of just 1,000 families — is now known to have three churches with more than 5000 practising Catholics. They found easy prey in some sick people, poverty stricken, illiterate and broken families whom they could cajole and hoax. They pretended praying to Jesus, and miraculously these gullible naïve people were convinced and converted to Christianity. This was the statement of the famous pastor. There are as many as 700 tricks usually played by these merciless Missionaries to trap Hindu people for soul harvesting. I have already written one Hindi translation book: Dharma Paribartan Ke Dao-Pench Se Sabdhan, published by Sanatan Sanasthan, Ramnathi Ashram, Goa.

After the April, 2015 earthquake, many NGOs like ‘C4C’ sent relief materials such as tents and money for food and first-aid items to congregants in Dapcha and other affected areas. Mr. Gary Fallesen, C4C’s founder-president, helped rebuilding of many houses damaged by earthquake and converted many gullible Hindus who accepted his aids during that time just to save their lives. One such poor family belonged to Mrs.Sumitra Pariyar, a young woman who strongly believed that she was recovered from paralysis and seizures by embracing Christianity. I am tempted to quote Swami Vivekananda here who prophesied one and a half century back that one converted person would not only reduce one member of the Hindu family but also would create another vile enemy of Hinduism.

Mrs. Lauren Leve, a professor in the religious studies department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is researching on women who have recently converted to Christianity in Nepal. She found that as in the case of Mrs.Sumitra Pariyar, many of these conversions were related to illness, poverty, divorce, wife-beating, illiteracy and false promise of lucrative jobs at home and abroad. Many Missionaries claim that Hindu caste system, oppression and blind-faith in animal (monkey, elephant and snake) and idol worship are the main causes of conversion. Though outlawed in 2001, caste discrimination is still widely practiced, particularly in rural Nepal, where people on the lower socio-economic status are called Dalits and untouchables and they really suffer social abuse still now.

Many converts come from lower castes, and missionaries point to Christianity as the only way to escape these discrimination. Majority of political leaders (with few exceptions) are not happy about this conversion business at all. Before the release of the country’s first constitution, in last September,2015 debates swelled over whether to scrap secularism and go back to an official Hindu designation in the constitution or not!

While Christians and Muslims were afraid of religious freedom and liberty in present day Nepal, the Hindu Right Wing [Rashtriya Prajatantric Party] Leaders were insisting that the word Secularism in Nepal’s Constitution book would allow Christianity and Islam to convert gullible poor Hindus as free license for proselyting people as happened in other parts of the world mainly in India. By the bye, Mr. Andrew Sparkes, the British ambassador in Nepal made a very outrageous statement in 2014 that ‘change of religion was a fundamental right of every Nepali citizen and that must be written in the Constitution of Nepal’.

Pro-Hindu groups accused him of supporting proselytizing and called for his resignation. When law-makers (Communists mainly) did ensure “secularism” and scraping “Hindu nation” from the Constitution, the police had to resort water cannons and tear gas to dispel angry Hindu protesters. Many think laws against proselytizing will not be sufficient to stop conversions.

In fact, the poor infrastructure like road, sewerage, hospitals, low social status, ebbing economic growth, declining health and education of Nepali people need to be addressed more vehemently rather than crying over the spilt milk. Many intellectuals in Nepal think that when public hospitals will start providing effective health services or when there will be adequate social safety measures during any natural calamity or in other time also, nobody will show any interest in Christianity.”

The modus operandi of many missionaries is to start building relationships with poor villagers to find out their economic, social, familial and educational or health or litigation related problems. They assure the gullible Hindus that all problems will be solved miraculously only by calling Jesus as their only Messiah for all these sufferings.

Mr. Tej Rokka, the Nepali pastor who is also C4C’s representative, uses Videos for presenting Bibles in Nepali languages to befool the illiterate Nepali people. For more than a decade, many Nepali parents had sent their children to “orphanages” in Kathmandu, where they hoped they would get better resources and education than what was available in their remote villages in the hills. The problem of fake orphanages in Nepal has grown to such an extent that it has gone out of control and consequently many countries including America, Britain, Canada, Germany and other Western countries have banned international adoptions from Nepal since 2010.

Mr. Gary Fallesen explained that these orphans came from very poor families which did not have provisions to raise them. The parents did not care about the conversion but they wanted their children to get proper food, lodging and education which they failed to provide.

“Some are happy, some are not. Some now want to take them out from the home,” said Pastor Rokka, whose ministry runs the orphanage in Kathmandu. These were the dirty tricks of the tread of the missionaries to convert poor Hindus into Christianity. Sitting outside their Dapcha house, an elderly couple expressed disdain for the churches popping up around them within a very short span of time.Fortunately, many Buddhist families, of course, kept themselves away from the net of Christian conversion machinery as compared to that of the Hindus.

Gary Fallesen stated, ‘if  I have a choice between [possibly offending you or saying you OK], whatever you believe is fine, but I believe in my heart if you don’t believe in Jesus, you’re going to hell, well, and then I’m going to take the risk of offending you,” he continued.

Therefore, C4C has to implant its conversion-traps in the more remote areas of Nepal’s hills where other Western NGOs have failed to reach yet. One example, I would like to cite here for my august readers. Gary Fallesen bragged that they purchased land at cheap price at the remote areas of Western district named Humla where they built many brick-built colourful churches and he boasted that within only 2 years’ time, seven Baptized Nepali men could convert 150 Nepali people into Christianity. He also added that the churches  were strategically built at those points where Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims began their treks to Mount Kailas and Manas Sarovar, sacred places for both religions.

In conclusion, I urge educated Nepalese Youth to come forward to protect their own culture, civilization, religion, tradition, language and culture by averting the nefarious design of the power hungry politicians who are in collusion with EU (Western World) and Saudi Arabia and are trying to destroy Nepal for petty and personal gain or settling personal scores with their political rivals. I am a persecuted Hindu from India. I know how the pot-bellied political leaders over many decades (70 years) had changed the demography of our motherland by allowing Bangladeshi Muslims to infiltrate illegally to swell up the Vote Banks and allowing illegal rampant Christian conversion of Hindu people at the behest of Italian mafia Sonia Gandhi. Love Jihad, Land Jihad, cultural and civilizational Jihad and Islamic Jihad in stealth are continuing even after partition of India in 1947 to make Gazawa-E-Hind a reality under the patronage of various state government agencies all over the country!!

Congress (infamous Nehru + Gandhi) in collusion with Communist party of India (CPI) and Muslim League vivisected Punjab and Bengal to create Pakistan (holy land for Muslims) in the West (1947) and Islamic State of Bangladesh (1971) in the East just by ethnically cleansing Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Bhuddists and Christians from their own homes. In the name of Secularism, Democracy, Constitution and Political Correctness, they have perpetrated inhuman torture on the indigenous Hindus. They have acquired the power corridor by Vote Bank Politics, Vote Rigging, tampering E.V.Machine, intimidating genuine voters and inflicting bloodless murders on the political opponents. The same thing will be repeated in Nepal because the Political leaders have been tutored in JNU and DU in India. Totalitarian ideology of communism and Islam will devastate the whole world in near future. So be aware of the consequences now!!   

Acknowledgement: I am grateful to those conscientious Nepali writers whose statistics and statements, I have quoted and culled from various sources including the Internet and Newspaper in writing this article to highlight the deadly consequences that will follow in this country if license is given in the name of Secularism to convert its own indigenous Hindu population into Christianity and Islam, both of which were originated from Abrahamic tradition.

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  1. Go to any tribal area or remote part of India or Nepal — you will see Christian missionaries. Hindu ‘soldiers’ get agitated while sitting comfortably in front of their screens while refusing to take up charity work.

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