Banaye Ajoobe, Kehlayein Pichhde (The impoverishment & marginalization of India’s traditional technologists and artisans).


Today India is considered a poor agricultural country. But until about 200 years back, our country was regarded as the world's leading manufacturing society. Europeans took hazardous voyages to India, attracted by its wealth and exquisite luxury goods. This technological legacy was the inheritance of a group of jatis known as 'Vishwakarma', who are found in every Indian city and village. Tragically enough, the jatis who elevated our country's technological, craft and industrial skills to such astonishing levels over centuries have today been declared as "Backward" and "Most Backward Castes". What impact has their devaluation had on the rest of society? These are some of the questions explored in this documentary. The films on street vendors and cycle rickshaw pullers have played a vital role in mobilizing opinion for policy and far-reaching law reform for these two sectors.

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