Artificial Intelligence & the Leaders: Episode 3 on the impending dangers of Artificial Intelligence in India

In this video Rajiv Malhotra of Infinity Foundation explains to Madhu Kishwar: 

  1. The reasons and purpose behind writing the book, 'Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power';
  2. The ineptitude of the RSS, the ruling party, India’s spiritual leaders as well as the community of scientists and technologists in meeting the challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence.  

At the end, Rajiv explains the core concern of his book by using the evocative metaphor of the Indian ruling elite behaving like the captains and passengers of the ill-fated Titanic. They headed unmindfully towards the iceberg which smashed the luxury ocean liner.

Is AI going to do something similar to India?

Rajiv concludes by pleading for urgent measures to ward off the impending disaster.


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