Appeal to the Prime Minister of India: Need to Investigate Zakat Foundation Trained IAS, IPS, IRS officers for Possible Terror Links and Allegiance to Pan-Islamic Agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji,

Law abiding citizens of India are reeling under the impact of the alarming exposé on the meticulously executed sinister plan by Zakat Foundation of India to capture key bureaucratic positions in India through the UPSC exam. 

On the face of it, there is nothing wrong or illegal in a Muslim community organization helping youngsters of the community do well in competitive exams, including the prestigious UPSC exam. Let me also state it loud and clear that our disquiet and alarm regarding these candidates is NOT on account of their being Muslim. Our concern is on account of their links to Zakat Foundation of India & allied organizations.

The lightning speed with which Islamic groups managed to get a stay order from the High Court of Delhi to stop Sudarshan News from airing their planned program titled “UPSC/ Naukarshahi Jehad” betrays the nervousness and fear of public exposure of the Zakat Foundation of India’s agenda. Their clout is evident from the fact that courts have rarely, if ever, given stay orders on programs yet to be aired. All this clearly indicates that vested interests coming out in defence of Zakat Foundation of India have much to hide.

What is even more alarming is the speed with which they organized more than 1,700 citizens, including prominent journalists, film directors, lawyers and civil society members, to write to seven chief ministers, demanding that an FIR be registered against Sudarshan News Editor-in-Chief Suresh Chavhanke for spreading “hate speech” ( It is noteworthy that most of the signatories belong to the Award-Wapsi-Gang and the Shaheen-Bagh-Support-Brigade.

Zakat Foundation’s Inroads into Elite Civil Services: Since 2009, Zakat Foundation of India has been spending huge amounts of money from the ‘zakat’ funds to provide scholarships and training to Muslim aspirants in order to help them qualify in the UPSC exam. A large number of Zakat Foundation of India beneficiaries are now serving as IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS officers and in other central services.

Zakat Foundation of India’s Alleged Terror Links & Pan Islamist Agenda: The Government of India cannot be unaware of the fact that Zakat Foundation of India is rigorously pursuing a Pan-Islamic agenda. Thanks to media reports, it is now out in the open that Zakat Foundation of India has direct as well as indirect links to banned/terrorist organizations. Media reports have also exposed that the Terror-Indoctrinator, Dr. Zakir Naik, is closely linked with Zakat Foundation of India.

Your own government banned Dr. Zakir Naik's Islamic Research Foundation under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, (UAPA). The Cabinet note regarding the ban has clearly stated that Dr Zakir Naik has been promoting enmity between religious groups and inspiring Muslim youth in India and abroad to commit terrorist acts.

Prime Minister ji, given these sinister connections, it is alarming that such a large number of UPSC aspirants trained by Zakat Foundation of India have been recruited in the elite services of India where officers are not only privy to state secrets that have security implications but also part of policy making and implementation.

The full list of 119 Zakat Foundation of India fellows who have joined the Civil services is provided at the end of this Appeal as ANNEXURE 1. This list is copied straight from the Zakat Foundation of India website.

Did IB or R&AW Clear the Antecedents of Zakat Foundation Fellows?: Right from the days of the Indian Civil Service (ICS) of British vintage, to its post 1947 avatar, the IAS, it has been an established protocol that candidates who qualify the written exam and get through the interview, have to be cleared by the Intelligence Bureau (IB). Such precautionary measures are taken in almost every country in the world with varying degrees of severity.

We can understand the laxity in such matters under UPA rule since their barely hidden agenda was to facilitate the Islamic takeover of India. One may safely surmise that the appointment of Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood (an Indian Revenue Service Officer and the Founder President of Zakat Foundation of India) as an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) in Dr Manmohan Singh's PMO was to further that agenda. He was put in-charge of the high powered Sachar Committee whose report played havoc with facts and data to engineer a sense of victimhood among Muslims. He is currently also the President of Zakat Foundation.

Now we can connect the dots and understand why Dr Manmohan Singh had the gumption to dismiss with disdain the widespread outrage caused by his brazenly unconstitutional statement that “Muslims must have first claim on (India’s) resources”!

UPA’s Policies Continue Under Rashtravadi Government:  It is well known that Dr Manmohan Singh was a Puppet Prime Minister. But it defies comprehension how during the last six years of your self-avowed “rashtravadi” regime which claims to wipe out terrorist networks in the country, scores of candidates sponsored, indoctrinated and trained by a subversive organization linked to global terror networkshave managed to get recruited in elite civil services of India! We need to know who paralysed or prevented Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW) from doing proper background check of each of these candidates, especially given the sinister connections of their sponsoring organization.

Does this not amount to stretching the idea of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas” to dangerous limits?

Whether as chief minister of Gujarat or as the Prime Minister of India, you are well aware of how even run of the mill bureaucrats, police officers, judicial officers and officers of sundry central services with questionable loyalties tried their best to sabotage your policies and plans at the behest of vested interests, that include both internal and external enemies of India. You were also a victim of defamation campaigns that emanated from within the bureaucracy. And yet your government is a not taking the most elementary precautions to ensure that those whose stated agenda is to Break-Up-India under a Pan-Islamic mission, ought not to get a foothold at the highest echelons of the Government of India.

Zakat Foundation Partnership with Terror Linked Madina Trust: It is a pity, dear Prime Minister, that you need to be reminded that the international partner of Zakat Foundation of India is Madina Trust which was involved in an attack on the Indian High Commission in London on September, 2019. This is a mere tip of the iceberg of their many unlawful activities. Dr Zahid Ali Parvez, a Trustee of Madina Trust, is also a trustee with the Islamic Foundation. The Times had reported that two Islamic Foundation trustees were on the UN sanctions list of people associated with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda (;

In other words, the links between Zakat Foundation of India, Taliban and Al-Qaeda should have been subjected to thorough investigation long ago. Instead the Government of India is allowing them to position indoctrinated youngsters into the “steel frame of India”. This may prove to be lethal for the security and integrity of India.

Open Adherence to Pan-Islamic Agenda: The Zakat Foundation of India makes no attempt to hide its intent. Hitherto it has openly boasted of its Pan-Islamic agenda on its website.However, many links on their website have suddenly vanished in the last few days after recent exposures but can still be found on several other websites.Therefore, your numerous muddle-headed Intelligence agencies do not need much hard work to investigate their intent in sponsoring a large number of UPSC aspirants.

Implications of Sharia Compliant Individuals Manning Civil Services:Their website is dedicated to ensuring Sharia (Islamic Law) compliance and the need to “streamline” Zakat & Sadaqah administration in the world. According to Zakat Foundation of India “organizational activities must comply with the Shariah regulations (under the watchful eye of a Shariat advisory body)”.It is now well established that through 'Halalo-Nomics' ( the economic empire of Halaal certification), Islamists have captured global markets for almost all consumer goods, including medicines, cosmetics and daily groceries. Through surreptitious means they have brought about a situation whereby even non-Muslims are contributing billions of dollars and rupees every year to Zakat Funds which are in turn used for Pan Islamic agendas and devising ways to subvert democratic societies from within. 

(Image courtesy: Zakat Foundation of India website)

Civil servants connected with Zakat Foundation of India have been blatant in displaying anti-India proclivities and their Pan-Islamic loyalties. A good example is the IAS topper of 2010 batch, Shah Faesal, who is the poster boy of Zakat Foundation of India and is showcased extensively on their website (

(Image courtesy: Zakat Foundation of India website)

I, like countless others in India, had naively celebrated his being the first IAS topper from Kashmir, assuming that he would inspire Kashmiri youth to “join the mainstream” by convincing them that far from discriminating against Muslims, India happily accepts Muslims in the highest echelons of power. But within no time, Shah Faesal showed his true colours. While on study leave in the US in 2018-19, he started ranting against India and on return to J&K after the leave period, he dramatically announced his resignation from the IAS to launch a pro-Pakistan political party of his own. To further humiliate the Government of India, Shah Faesal recommended Nobel Peace Prize for Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan ( To top it all, he had to be arrested from the Delhi Airport while trying to escape to Turkey, one of the closest allies of Pakistan.(

Shah Faesal is not the only Muslim officer to have let down India in favour of Pakistan and Pan-Islamism. Former Vice President Hamid Ansari, in his earlier avatar as an Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer, was even more brazen in his anti-India activities. For instance, he has issued no denial to open charges levelled against him in the media that while he was posted as Ambassador in Iran, he severely damaged India’s intelligence operations in that country, thereby jeopardizing India’s security as well as diplomatic relations with Iran. (

Another well-known example is that of former IAS officer, Wajahat Habibullah who facilitated a “surrender” by JKLF terrorist Yasin Malik with the assurance that he would be well protected by the Government of India. For 30 years Yasin Malik was never brought to trial for his openly admitted murders of Indian Air Force officers and several Kashmiri Pandits. In fact, after coming out on bail, he was allowed to receive a hero’s welcome and given all manners of facilities to mint money, buy huge properties and jet-set around the globe while pouring venom against India.

Why just Habibullah, it is well known that many among IAS, IPS Muslim officers in J&K have  made no secret of their being pro-Hurriyat, pro-Pakistan. This when the earlier generation of officers were not indoctrinated by the Zakat Foundation of India.

BJP Government Outperforming Congress Led UPA in Minority Pandering: I have to point this out with great grief, dear Prime Minister, that far from protecting the “steel frame of India” from saboteurs within, your government has gone out of its way to facilitate their entry into the portals of power. As Gujarat chief minister, you had firmly resisted special schemes in the name of “minorities” –a clever euphemism for Christians and Muslims.  In an interview with me in 2013, you had proudly narrated how you refused to implement any of the Central Government’s special schemes for “minorities” because all welfare schemes in your state followed the income criteria–without regard for religion.

But after becoming Prime Minister, you have far out-performed UPA in offering countless special schemes involving thousands of crores of rupees exclusively aimed at “religious minorities”– with each Central government ministry wooing them with attractive doles denied to other citizens. To top it all, the bizarre plethora of schemes instituted by the Ministry of Minority Affairs make one’s head go tizzy. This ministry should have been disbanded on day one of your assuming charge as PM because it violates your much-touted slogan of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas.”

Instead, the Ministry of Minority Affairs proudly boasts that there is a quantum leap from UPA days in the budgetary allocations in the vast array of old and new schemes being implemented by your government. Your government is being even more brazen than UPA in “appeasement politics” which you at one time soundly thrashed. What is worse, there is NO background check of the beneficiaries with regard to schemes that have serious implications for national security and the very survival of Indian civilization.

Nai Udaan or Slippery Slope?: The most disturbing of them all in the current context is the “Nai Udaan” scheme of the Ministry of Minority Affairs under which each UPSC aspirant from a “minority community” gets a fellowship of Rs. 1,00,000/- by way of sarkari support to qualify for the civil services exams.

  • Before 2014, the total number of “minority” beneficiaries were 483.
  • After the ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’ touting government took over in 2014, this number sky-jumped to 4142 in just four years – almost a ten-fold increase.

And dear Prime Minister, you yourself boasted of these special schemes as a big feather in your cap in the 2019 general election as well as in many state elections. These boasts occupy a pride of place on the website of Ministry of Minority Affairs as evident in the screen shot below:

(Image courtesy: Ministry of Minority Affairs website)

Here again, there seems to be no system of background check, no scanning to weed out persons with anti-India proclivities. This in effect means, that your government could well be accused of facilitating the selection of Zakir Naik’s chela chapaataas in to the ‘steel frame of India.’Its implications are chilling:  Sitting in vantage positions, they can drive knives in the heart of Ma Bharti as and when they are called upon to do so by their patrons

Pradhan Mantri Ji, This cannot go on unchecked. In the interests of national security and civilizational integrity of India,which we know you hold dear, we urge you to:

  • Order a thorough investigation into Zakat Foundation of India's links with terror Indoctrinator Dr. Zakir Naik, Taliban & Al-Qaeda;
  • Pending investigation, recall all the civil servants associated with Zakat Foundation of India;
  • Direct the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to scan each of the UPSC candidates and successful aspirants who have links to Zakat Foundation to assess their level of indoctrination;
  • Issue a White Paper on Zakat Foundation of India & allied organizations with terror links along with a clear policy statement as to whether such organizations pursuing a lethal Pan Islamic agenda have a place in democratic and plural India.

ANNEXURE 1: List of Zakat Foundation Fellows who have succeesfully joined the IAS.





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