Anti Conversion Law: Too Little, Too Late?

Tufail Chaturvedi & Shankar Sharan LIVE with Madhu Kishwar

Vinay Krishna Chaturvedi, famously known as Tufail Chaturvedi, is a Nationalist author, a scholar of Islam, and a poet. Tufail Chaturvedi mentors youngsters using easy-to-understand metaphors and similes to write Urdu poetry in the Devanagari script at Delhi National Capital Region (NCR). Chaturvedi, along with his disciples, has launched a portal, to promote the works of such talents, organizes regular mushairas and even published a thick magazine named Lafz to showcase such talents to Hindi and Urdu readers.

Dr. Shankar Sharan is an insightful scholar of communism and comparative study of religions. His magnum opus, ‘Marxism and Indian History Writing’ is still considered one of the best books on the subject. Along with that he has written a dozen more books. Some publications by Dr. Shankar Sharan: १ – भारतीय इतिहास दृष्टि और मार्क्सवादी लेखन २ – मार्क्सवाद के खँडहर ३ – गाँधी के ब्रह्मचर्य प्रयोग ४ – जिहादी आतंकवाद

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