बलात्कार विरोधी कानून के नाजायज़ इस्तेमाल के अंजाम ।। Manushi India ।।

The gang-rape of a student in Delhi on 16th December 2012, led to countrywide protests (Nirbhaya Rape Case, 2012). The Govt of India responded in panic and appointed a Committee headed by Retd Justice Verma to come up with recommendations for the amendment to the law relating to sexual offences. The Committee rendered its report on 23rd January 2013.

Sadly, Justice Verma committee played to the galleries and suggested very draconian provisons to the anti rape law. The new rape law was thus enacted with a view to pacifying the agitationists led by foreign funded NGOs (FFNGOs), rather than combating crimes against women.

This knee jerk, thoughtless response is a typical example of how the Indian govt and Indian Parliamentarians respond to social problems under pressure from FFNGOs

It’s now crystal clear that the draconian amendments to anti rape law have not helped genuine victims of rape but unleashed a whole epidemic of false rape cases resulting in ruination of countless innocent lives

Going by statistics, 51% of rape cases being filed are post breakup of love affairs & consensual sex. Other large category involves malafide complaints by sex workers. A third category of fake cases involve fake allegations by women against their male friends/live-in-partners for not honouring “promise of marriage”.

In 2017, Manushi had filed a petition in Delhi High Court challanging the lawless provisions of anti rape law

After three years in court, suddenly in August 2020, Delhi High Court Bench of Justice D N Patel and Justice Hari Shankar dismissed Manushi petition on a day when it was not even listed for hearing but only for submission of documents. This dismissal was highly irregular because as a Petioner Manushi was not given an opportunity to defend its case.

In the meantime, cases of abuse and misuse of the easy-to-misuse provisions of anti rape law continue to be abused on a large scale leading to a situation of gender war in society, in which women seem to be the aggressors trageting innocent men leading to ruination of whole families.

In this episode, Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj who has made a documentary on innocent victims of anti rape law called “India’s Sons” shares cases of abuse she has documented, statistics, loopholes and the devastating impact of this lawless piece of legislation on people’s lives.


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