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Women Bhakta Poets (Print)

10th Anniversary special volume

Edited by Madhu Kishwar and Ruth Vanita 10 April 1989

Pages : 120

ISBN : 12xxxx


Contains accounts of the life and poetry of some of the most outstanding rebel women in Indian history from the 6th to the 17th century - Mirabai, Andal, Avvaiyar, Muktabai, Janabai, Bahinabai, Lai Ded, Toral, Loyal. They have left a powerful social and cultural legacy, which constitutes a living tradition even today. Their songs are not only an integral part of popular culture in their regions, but they are also remembered and revered for having stood by their chosen ideals in defiance of prevalent social norms. Many of their poems have never been translated into English before.

  • Book Price ₹ 250