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Modi Muslims and Media (Print)

Voices from Narendra Modi's Gujarat

Madhu Purnima Kishwar 28 March 2014

Pages : 400

ISBN : 978-81-929352-0-1

Introduction by Salim Khan, Script writer & columnist

This book gives objective facts back their proper central place in our political life... The enormous amount of important research that went into this effort demands that all those who care about the well-being of India’s people and healthy inter-community relations should read it carefully and weigh its conclusions fairly...

Thus far, we have heard the voices of those who, in condemning Modi, claim to speak on behalf of Gujarati Muslims. The value of Kishwar’s narrative is that she has let Muslims speak for themselves by quoting extensively from her video-recorded interviews with both rural and urban Muslims.

An honest understanding of this phase of contemporary history is vital for the health of democracy and amicable inter-community relations in India.

Foreword by Cho Ramaswamy, Editor, Tuglaq

The manner in which the author has gone about talking to officials and people in detail, about the functioning of the Gujarat government under Modi; her visits to various parts of Gujarat to know about the conditions prevailing in the state; her unbiased and masterly analyses of the material she gathered through her tireless work, makes this book almost a thesis.

But unlike an academic thesis, the book makes absorbing reading; apart from being an irrefutable answer to the prejudiced critics of Modi, it is a page-turner too.   


Foreword by Cho Ramaswamy 7
Introduced by Salim Khan 9
Why I Felt Impelled to Undertake Study of Post-2002 Gujarat 13
The Modi Myth Created by ‘Conflict Entrepreneurs’
Gujarati Muslims Speak for Themselves
Narendra Modi Airdropped as CM in October 2001
NaMo’s First Message to the People of Gujarat
Learning the Ropes of Governance
Novice NaMo’s First Interactions with Bureaucrats
Modi’s First 19 Weeks as CM
“Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” in Action
Turning Disaster into an Opportunity
Transformation of Earthquake-Ravaged Gujarat
How Bhuj Rose Out of Its Own Ashes
A Survivor’s Account
Congress Panic at “Whirlwind” Muslim Support for NaMo
Modi’s First Election from Rajkot in February 2002
Of Muck Throwing & Lotus Blooming
Congress’s Lawless Sleazy Campaign in Modi’s Pre-Godhra Election
Aiming for Nirmal Gujarat & “We Can Do It” Spirit
Pre-Godhra Speeches of Modi
The Godhra Train Massacre
Accident or Conspiracy?
Who Needed Post Godhra Riots?
The Congress or Narendra Modi?
Firm Action against Terrorists & Mafias
Why Modi Drove Congress to Desperation
Who Kept the Pot Boiling?
Four Phases of Post-Godhra Riots
When Tragedies are Spiced Up
The Accounts of Doers Vs Noise Makers Regarding Relief Camps
Of Skullcaps and Puppies
Media Distorts News, Adds Fuel to the Fire
Did Muslims Vote for BJP out of Fear in 2012?
Gujarati Muslims as Game Changers in Indian Politics
Of Peace & Prosperity
Are Muslims Part of Gujarat’s Growth Story?
Hindu Hriday Samrat or New Mehmood Gaznavi of India?
The Myth Versus the Reality of Hindu-Muslim Relations in Gujarat
Flimsy Opposition Over Non Issues
Why the Congress Lost Credibility & Support
Nightlife in Gujarat Cities & Picnics on Footpaths
Changing Role and Perceptions about Gujarat Police
Of Trusteeship, Dharma & Compassion
NaMo’s Connect with Gandhi ji & Gautam Buddha
Epilogue 390
Acknowledgements 396
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