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Without Fear or Favour
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Founded in 1978

Working Towards a Resurgent India


निडर, निष्पक्ष, न्यायसंगत

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निष्पक्ष, निर्भीक, न्यायसंगत

Working Towards a Resurgent India 


Manushi , a non-profit organization  was founded by Madhu Purnima Kishwar in 1978-1979

Manushi endeavours to:

  • Address various social, political, cultural and civilizational challenges faced by India today in a fearless and non-partisan manner.
  • Join forces with all those who work for a resurgent India built on the foundations of justice and equity rooted in the core Dharmic values of Indic civilization. 

Manushi —a  Journal about Women & Society founded by Madhu Kishwar has been internationally acclaimed for its pioneering work in the domain of women’s rights, human rights, that included informed activism based on sound research & investigations in order to bring about policy and law reform impacting the lives most vulnerable groups of our society.

Those who would like to contribute their videos to this channel are welcome to submit them for our consideration at They will be posted if our editorial team finds them appropriate for Manushi.