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Swami Ramdev in conversation with Madhu Kishwar| Part-2|

This interview with Baba Ramdev was recorded on September 9, 2020.

From Rishi to Krishi, From Yog to Udyog-- Baba Ramdev answers questions regarding the quality of his products; the challenges and motivated attacks he has faced in breaking the monopoly of MNCs. In this part Baba Ramdev will explain why:

  1. Patanjali has not been able to get rid of plastic in packaging its products;
  2. Why Patanjali has begun using sugar for its biscuits despite having condemned white sugar as a poison in his countless discourses.
  3. Why Patanjali is not able to sell “organically” grown produce.
  4. And other related questions.

Link for part 1 of the interview: Swami Ramdev in conversation with Madhu Kishwar|Part-1|



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